Which Cannabis oil do you need for Ritalin – How to get off (child)

The below Protocol will give you an idea of our suggested treatment. However we will need more information in order to help you, and to put together a treatment protocol specifically for you.

Costs are for a full 3 month course.

Infused Drops 3 month supply 3 drops on the underside of your tongue mornings and lunchtime
Detox Fuel 3 month supply take ½ teaspoon daily with herbal tea or Milo
3 x Caps No. 3 3 month supply take 1 AFTER dinner (no hot drinks or least 30 mins)
5-HTP (90) 3 month supply Mood control  -Take once a day
Courier   R100 (TBC – depending on area, country and weight)
Total: R 3 150.00


Note: All you really need is the Infused Drops (3 drops twice a day).

 The treatment protocol can be gentle to start, and if necessary the evening Cap No. 3 can be replaced with a stronger Cap No. 5 from month 2 (but only if necessary).

 If the child is suffering from ADHD, or if the above treatment protocol is not effective for the child, we would then suggest taking Cap No. 3 in the morning (after breakfast) as well as in the evening (after dinner).

In order to help you, please complete the online consult form at www.CannabisOilResearch.com (“which oil do you need”) and we will put you in touch with a distributor closest to your area