Which Cannabis oil do you need for Alopecia

The below Protocol will give you an idea of our suggested treatment. However we will need more information in order to help you, and to put together a treatment protocol specifically for you.

In order to help you, please complete the confidential online consult form HERE at CannabisOilResearch.com and we will put you in touch with a Medicinal Cannabis Consultant closest to your area.

2  x Detox Capsules (10) 10 or 20 day supply Take 1 in the morning after breakfast and/or 1 in the evening after dinner

Recommended for 10 days on, 5 days off

¼ ml CBD Plus Caps (30) 1 month supply Take 1 AFTER dinner (no hot drinks for 30 mins)
Medicated Shampoo 500ml May assist in stimulating the scalp and encourage stronger hair growth
Lavender Essential Oil 30ml Scalp treatment (please see dosage instructions below)
Rosemary Essential Oil 30ml Scalp treatment (please see dosage instructions below)
Courier R150 (TBC – depending on area, country and weight)



We have another option to the Detox Capsules included above, and that is the Detox Tea (Powder) 250ml

Detox Tea (Powder) has a faster absorption rate than the Capsules which is slow releasing

Essential Oils

Scalp treatment – Prepare the chosen blend. Buy a base oil: sweet almond, grape seed for example. Half the amount, so if you have 20ml of base oil – you will add 10 drops of Essential Oil.

In this case, you can do 5 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Rosemary.

–              Cover / protect the eyes

–              Massage into the scalp

–              A plastic cap will aid absorption

–              Leave on the hair for 10 minutes to up to 2 hours

Always monitor children – lower the dosage of drops by half each) make sure they do not pull the cap off or get it into their eyes.

Bath time is a good time for scalp treatment as the heat aids the absorption.

–              To remove the blend – remove the cap

–              Apply neat shampoo to the oily hair as is

–              Then wet and shampoo as normal






Sole Agents (Wholesalers) wanted for South Africa

Cannabis Oil Research

The legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa is going to change the way people see this amazing plant and what it can do, and at the same time create some fantastic financial opportunities.

Cannabis Oil Research is looking to appoint a Sole Agent in every area that will be fully trained in advising patients what oils to use and for what illness.

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